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What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

With the approval of the CBD based drug Epidiolex by both the FDA and DEA, CBD is all the rage today. It has sent a buzz across the cannabis industry, spiking interest in many more people. Marijuana use has been approved in many states for both medical and recreational purposes. The increased interest has many people trying out the wide variety of products in the market today. 

But what is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. The reason why many people prefer CBD based products is the fact that cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, unlike THC. You get the benefits of using a marijuana product without getting high. 

All marijuana plants contain CBD and THC compounds in them. However, for some people, a reaction from CBD is possible. This is why caution is emphasized when using any type of cannabis product, be it derived from CBD or THC. As a first time user, do so under supervision to test how your body will respond. 

A way to be more cautious is to buy CBD products that have undergone third-party testing. This is for your own good as there are many counterfeit products in the market. With a third-party tested CBD product, you can even get reviews from other users on it. This way, you are assured of the quality of the product you are about to purchase, especially if it’s the first time. 

Health Benefits of CBD Products

What are health benefits of CBD Products
What are health benefits of CBD Products

Many more people are turning to CBD based products to find relief for specific ailments. The fact that CBD is not psychoactive makes it more popular. One of the most popular CBD products is CBD oil, used by many people to treat various illnesses. 

Manufacturers of CBD oil extract it from the hemp plant and mix it with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil. More and more studies suggest that CBD and other CBD products could be a possible solution for treating specific ailments. The benefits you can expect by using cannabidiol include:

  1. CBD for Pain Relief

Millions of people struggle from chronic pain types, including arthritis, migraines, and cancer treatment. More patients are turning away from conventional pain relief medications, which are proving ineffective. The fact that some of the over the counter drugs like opioids are addictive is another reason for the shift towards CBD products. Research conducted indicates that over 60% of all users of CBD products seek them for pain relief. 

  1. Relief from Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are becoming common across the country, with many people seeking alternative treatment options. Many people are turning away from the conventional drugs available in the market to try out CBD products. The conventional medicines have too many side effects hence the need for alternative medication. 

CBD oil is proving promising in this area, with many people reporting positive results after using it. Research done shows CBD products can be used to treat these mental health disorders. Positive results have been observed in treating insomnia and anxiety as well. 

  1. Relief from Acne

Many people across the globe suffer from acne, which is a common skin condition. There are numerous causes of acne, including excess sebum excretion, inflammation, and even genetics. Studies point that using CBD oil to treat chronic acne with positive results. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that work to relieve inflammation on the face of most patients. 

  1. Relief from Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy suffer from severe side effects such as nausea, vomiting, pain, and poor appetite. These side effects affect their general health and recovery. They end up losing a lot of weight, which is not suitable for their well-being. By using CBD products, most patients are reporting positive results with increased appetite thanks to relief from nausea and vomiting. 

Pain relief is another added benefit. For patients undergoing chemotherapy, a combination of CBD and THC on products works more effectively. This is according to a study done on 16 patients who used an oral spray with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. The patients recorded relief from nausea and vomiting. 

How can CBD be taken?

How you can take CBD
How you can take CBD oil?

CBD can be consumed in several ways, including:

  • Edibles
  • CBD capsules
  • Topicals
  • CBD tinctures
  • Inhalation/smoking

The Bottom Line

CBD products such as CBD oil are gaining popularity among many people seeking relief from various ailments. With increased legalization and research, more patients will turn to these products as opposed to conventional medications. As a general rule of thumb, it is essential to consult your doctor before incorporating CBD into your daily routine.

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