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Verma Farms Review – Essential Product For Mental Health

Verma Farms Review

I usually don’t write reviews, but I think my experience could really help someone else at the time to choose which product they purchase from Verma Farms.

Especially because this is important for people who really suffer from an anxiety disorder like me.
First, the shipping was super fast, I received the CBD gummies the day after purchasing it and I love the packaging and aesthetics of the products.

Verma Farms CBD Gummies Review

They really thought about all the details.

Now, regarding the product itself, I tried the Beary Beach CBD Gummies and the Steak Bites CBD for Milo, my 6-year-old Golden Retriever.

Dog Milo CBD Gummies personal experience

To begin with, I personally enjoyed the taste of the Beary beach gummies.

However, I did find them to be a bit too sweet for me and quite soft to bite… I would prefer them to be a bit less ‘tender’ and less sugary.
But, the taste was really good though.

Also, besides being too sugary I also think they could be lighter in calories, for those of us who are trying to lose weight…
As for Milo, he didn’t enjoy the steak bites, which I found quite strange because he’s a golden retriever and it’s no news these dogs eat everything they can.

He would chew on them but then spit it out.

It tried giving him the gummies molded around a chunk of soft cheese, but he wouldn’t have it anyway. He sniffs it and goes.

I am terribly sad, as he’s very anxious… He normally crawls under my feet whenever I’m working on my computer desk and starts shaking, panting, and whining.

I really wanted to help him, so I might be trying other methods to feed him CBD.

Now, as it pertains to me and the effects that gummies had on me, I have been taking them for over a month now and after reading several reviews on the product (before purchasing it) I’m not quite sure how people here are getting effects with these.

When consuming the gummies, I felt no change. They went down like candy, with the same effect. I do not recommend using this product for pain relief or any medicinal purposes.

Although they taste very good. But it is very expensive because it is basically candy with a little CBD.

Additionally, I also did not feel any pain relief. I have migraines and CBD helps me prevent them.

CBD dosage and Migraine

This month I did have a few migraine episodes. I think it is because of the dosage of CBD I’m used to taking… I suspect these gummies have less dosage than other forms of CBD.

Verma Farm Reviews

I’ve tried other hemp gummies and you can feel the hemp oil taste in them. With these gummies, I didn’t taste the hemp oil which makes me wonder if it even has any…

The reason why I am saying this is because I didn’t get any effects at all.  So now I think I can tell the difference between a product that will work and one won’t and that might be if it tastes like hemp or not.

I would like to recommend you read more on this topic CBD and Dogs which I made it.

As I previously mentioned, I have already tried other CBD oils and some of them did not work, while some others (the ones that had the strongest taste) did work great to calm my anxiety.

However, this is the first time I tried CBD in other forms (other than oil) I am not sure if the reason why it did not work that well for me was because of the concentration of CBD and the aftertaste or because the body synthesizes it better in the form of oil.

Either way, I think next time I will try the CBD oil version, instead because I think they are the best CBD form and most powerful in taste and effectivity.

I would like a stronger dosage but either way, I’m still happy with the results. I suffer from anxiety disorder and ADD, so CBD is a big part of my life.

Although the gummies were not as effective as other forms of CBD I tried, they were still ok. Not that they did not work, they just didn’t work as effectively as the oil version.

So probably, if you have too much anxiety then maybe go for oil instead.

I will keep taking the gummies as a reinforcement of the oil dosage I normally take. This is also a great idea for those of us who already take a higher dosage of CBD and would like to boost the effects plus have a good tasting candy.

I believe it is easier to carry around to the office or the gym, which makes it way more convenient than oils that can break open and make a mess.

Overall I’d say my experience was not the best, but I would still buy other products to taste them from Verma Farms, and talking about the review, it was great.

However, I have been taking CBD for quite a few years now because of my anxiety… Maybe if this is your first time trying CBD you may feel the calming effect and keeping any panic attacks under control or improving your sleep schedule with the gummies.

Also, this could work well with kids or very elderly people that have never tried CBD or are scared of it.

But if you are like me and have been taking CBD for a while I wouldn’t recommend it if you are on a tight budget.

As for my dog, Milo.

I cannot really tell if it works because I tried different ways to get him to eat them and can’t fool him!

So, I’m not really sure how well they work! I will probably try other tastes for him, he probably just didn’t like the taste of the Steak Bites or maybe it’s the texture, I’m not sure but he just won’t eat them.

I am looking forward to having him try the products as I know it does help dogs calm down their anxiety and stress.

We have recently moved so he needs this more than ever.


Just want to say personal thanks to Verma Farms and I hope my review is worth it.

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