Ultimate Endoca Review

Ultimate Endoca CBD Oil Review

Sleepless? Try CBD.

We have all heard about how great CBD oil is for night owls looking to become early birds. I know how hard it is for us to not get late to work, and to not feel like zombies throughout the day… Although CBD does not make you high, it promotes mild sedation during sleep, especially at high doses. High CBD levels and low tetrahydrocannabinol levels can alleviate insomnia symptoms.

Read how CBD can help you treat insomnia.

Ultimate Endoca Review

Today we’re going to talk about the Endoca Raw Cbd Oil 30mg CBD+/Ml (Medium). It has 300 mg of full-spectrum supercritical Co2 extracted hemp in each bottle. The bottle is 10 ml and it has about 30 mg of CBD per dropper full, which is about 1 mg of CBD per drop. The indica story is really cool. This was the first brand to sell hemp products online. They actually controlled the entire product, from the little bitty seed until you get the bottle. They have a little over 2000 acres in the Northern Europe area (Denmark). 

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When you order your product, since it is both in Europe and in the US, it takes about three days from the time that you place your order until you get it to your house. So, they’re really on target with their shipping times. Another great thing about their CBD oil is that it includes both CBD and CBD A. The main difference between the two is that CBD A is the non-heated and non-decarboxylated version. So, you’re getting slightly different benefits because you have both CBD A and CBD. Both of them are great for inflammation, anxiety, and things of that nature. But, the fact is you’re getting both of them in just one product. 

Flavors and Packaging

Each bottle is 10 ml. It only has one flavor, and that is natural. It is very natural and a full dropper is about 30 mg. It comes with a non-marked glass dropper and you’ll notice that it’s a very dark and rich full-spectrum product. Endoca uses a hemp seed oil as its carrying base, and it is non-GMO, it is organic and it is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. That means every single time you take this product, you know exactly what you’re going to get. It is a high-quality product, with consistent results from their test, which by the way, they do a really good job of showing you and giving you access to their tests.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the test results. Something that Endoca does really well tells you everything, and probably even more than most people want to know: Microbial reports, how they tested for pesticides. They definitely wanted to make sure that you are fully aware of what they did. 

It’s got a very nice packaging. It’s clear and easy to read. This is actually labeled a little bit differently than products in the US, which are usually labeled as per dropper full of milligrams of CBD or the total amount of CBD in the bottle. This is labeled as a percentage of the entire bottle, which may seem a little confusing for Americans.

It has 1 mg of CBD per dropper, so you know if you’re taking a half a dropper that’s about 15 drops or about 15 ml of CBD. So, when you get it you’re gonna notice that on both of them it does have the batch number, but it also talks about all of the different products that are inside of it. So, you can see that they actually have omegas in it, and they use hemp seed oil as the carrier base.

Sleep and It’s Effectiveness

The first thing you will notice when you open it up is it has a potent smell. You don’t even need to get it close to your nose to smell it. It’s very strong and earthy. It smells like pine needles and that’s actually due to the terpenes inside the canvas planter which gives it its distinct flavor. It is very strong and the flavor does stay with you. So, definitely keep that in mind when you are considering purchasing this product. However, the first time I used it I used 15 drops, which is about 15 ml of CBD. Within 30 minutes I fell asleep. And I stayed asleep the whole night! So, this is very effective

Now let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty. When you purchase the raw hemp oil, you’ll notice that the value is actually pretty good! I consider this a moderate strength, with about 30 mg of CBD per dropper. I consider this more a little bit on the higher strength dose. It does come in a 10 ml bottle, which is a little slower. But, it is effective. So, the cost per ml is very reasonably priced.

You’ll notice that it works. A little bit goes a long way, it’s very effective at what it does to help reduce anxiety, residual pain and to help you sleep. So, you don’t need as much, which helps to cushion the price. You definitely want to keep in mind that this stuff is strong flavored. So, if that’s something that you can’t get over even with water you might still taste it, keep that in mind. 

Pros and Cons about the Endoca CBD Oil


  • Its price is quite accessible for what it offers
  • It delivers what it offers, it’s pretty much effective
  • It is a very high-quality product, and they are very transparent as an organization about what goes into the product.


  • The flavor is too strong. 
  • The Dropper is nor marked, so it makes it a bit hard to notice how much to measure
  • Measurements are not labeled per serving, rather per full bottle (as stated in Europe) Make sure to really measure how much you should take.

Final Verdict

For people who are used to having CBD, this is a great product to purchase! And I say this because it does contain a little amount of TCH. So, if you have never had either marijuana or CBD then probably start with another brand that offers 100% TCH free oil. Yet, the values are so minimal it should be almost impossible to get high on this product. Also, the flavor is too strong. I personally take this before brushing my teeth, so i can get rid of the taste before going to bed. 

On the other hand, it does really work well for night owls looking forward to becoming early birds. It really delivers what it promises, and it truly is among the best I tried to help me fall asleep and regulate my sleeping cycle. 

So, all in all. I think that it mainly depends on what you are looking for. I believe that this brand is amazing for individuals who have already tried CBD and have a difficult time falling asleep at night. So if you are in my team, then give it a go!

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