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Top 7 Hottest Cannabis Products 2020

Cannabis products

2020 is a year full of challenges, with the global economy gravely affected by the Coronavirus especially CBD Industry.

People are under self-quarantine or mandatory lockdown to try and curb its spread.

This has affected many industries, and cannabis is one of those feeling the weight of this global pandemic.

Despite reduced sales, the industry is still kicking, and online purchases have spiked since February 2020. 

Many cannabis users cannot visit their favorite weed dispensary as a movement needs to be kept at a minimum.

The market has changed from direct sales to e-sales, where customers order their favorite products online.

Many stores are now focused on updating their websites and advertising to consumers via the internet. 

Many luxury brands or expensive products are witnessing a decline in sales as weed users prefer cheaper ones.

A tighter spending budget is leaving many with less money to spend on expensive products.

The top products in 2020 are listed in this guide that can help you know what to purchase. 

top 7 hottest cannabis products

Top 7 Hottest Cannabis Products are following:

  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Skin and Hair Products
  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Beverages
  • CBD Chocolate
  • CBD Vape Pens
  • CBD Supplements

CBD Gummies

Every weed dispensary stocks weed gummies, and this includes online shops.

Gummies are available everywhere and the most accessible to many weed consumers.

They have a high content of CBD with long-lasting effects and are a better alternative to smoking.

This is because they have fewer side effects that can have long term harm to your health

CBD Skin and Hair Products

Topical skin creams with CBD are a favorite of many consumers seeking pain relief.

Apart from pain relief, they get to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties in weed.

When trying a cream to buy, it’s best to study the skin type it’s suited for. Choose one that works with the kind of skin you have for better results.

These products are not limited to the skin; only you can get some for your hair as well.

Soothing salves are part of topical CBD products enjoyed by many users. You can also get shampoos and conditioners from various reputable brands. 

CBD Oils

CBD oils are by far the most popular and widely used by cannabis enthusiasts the world over.

CBD oil has many uses that consumers find fulfilling.

Cannabidiol is made from extracting it from the hemp plant then laced with carrier oils like hemp seed oil.

It’s appreciated by many for its ability to offer pain relief, reduce anxiety, and even offer relief from chemotherapy side effects. 

CBD Beverages

Many users enjoy CBD beverages for the simple fact that they don’t contain THC.

This means the drinks cannot have the psychoactive effect that causes consumers to get high.

CBD beverages range from wine, coffee, soft drinks, among others.

With increased legalization of weed, more companies are coming up with their brands of CBD beverages to satisfy rising demand. 

The drinks are infused with CBD and offer all the benefits you can expect from any CBD product. 

CBD Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Imagine the sweet flavor of chocolate coupled up with the benefits of CBD. That creates a product that many people would like to try.

CBD chocolate bars are increasingly becoming popular, and more varieties are created every day.

The combination of cocoa and CBD produces a guilty pleasure that is quite beneficial. 

CBD Vape Pens

Marijuana product sales have surpassed the sale of the marijuana plant itself by far in the last couple of years.

More innovative products keep hitting the market every day. One product that has many people talking is the CBD vape pen.

Consumers use this pen to vape CBD oil, and you have to check when buying not to get one with THC in it. 

CBD Supplements

In the wellness industry, supplements are a big part of many people’s daily routine.

Instead of taking natural supplements, CBD consumers are opting to get the ones that have cannabidiol in them.

This way, they get to benefit from the supplement and CBD at the same time.

You can get the CBD supplements in a wide range of sizes, brands, and shapes.

For users who only prefer using CBD and nothing with THC, be sure to check the ingredients cautiously. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are so many CBD products in the market today.

There are also a lot of CBD Brands on the market that produce these products and market them. Here you can check the Top 10 CBD Oils on the CBD Market.

With increased legalization and research on benefits, innovation will only increase.

For those who don’t prefer to smoke, using other alternatives is possible, and you still get the same benefits or cannabis products as the others.

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