CBD Sold Team of writers

This CBD magazine has on disposal one of the best CBD writers in the CBD Industry with many years of experience in this field.

CBD Industry in CBD Marketing Industry is their primary field of operations in the last 5 years as CBD writers.

The main Chief editor is Connie T. Brighton which you can find on Linkedin and on her email.

The support editor is professional in his area of expertise/pharmacy and his name is James Rivers which you can contact him on this email or you can directly write to him on his Skype and Linkedin.

Content write is a long year working in the circles in CBD Industry Anna A. Clark where you can write her directly or you can write on her email.

Editorial Guidelines

Although CBDSold is part of the CBD Company CBDNovu the editors have their own regulation of acting in case of influence in editorial policy and is set up as is from start and is applicable to anyone else who will get on board with CBD Sold.

Management of CBDNovu represented by the Board of Directors or Manager Grant Page doesn’t have any rights to interfere or make any intervention on the publishing standards and editorial guidelines on which upon will be built CBDSold. The managing structure doesn’t have the right to tell the writers of editors what will be published and whatnot.

The editors and writers are professionals in their area and they will publish only what they think is adequate and good for clients of CBD Products and potential clients take into consideration the modern procedures and technologies which make CBD products and standards on a higher level.


Because lately many CBD Companies approach us for marketing purposes and giving them any kind of CTA or Sponsorship, we inform all that it is in compliance with the editorial standards of CBDSold we can get in cooperation with interested parties. For your inquiries please write on this email.

Acceptance of Guest Blog Posts

Because we aim for quality content that will bring benefit to our readers currently guest blog posting is not allowed. The only option if is according to our editorial rules we can make content-driven actions in form of sponsorship so if something is published under some sponsorship it will be clearly stated that the content of visiuals is Sponsored.

DMCA Takedowns

If you want to fill DMCA Takedown you can do this trough this form

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