nba stars and cbd

NBA Stars and CBD Emerging Industry

NBA Stars and CBD in 2020. This is a huge topic to write and tricky one with the young NBA all Star’s players and after Koby death’s we decide this topic to cover the “golden era” of the NBA basketball league.

So let we go.

The emerging CBD industry and the anti-marijuana campaign by the NBA stars

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. It is one of those chemicals that are present in the cannabis plant.

This plant has been used in medical treatments for thousands of years.

The doctors and scientists are still busy researching the core benefits of CBD. According to the recent report, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acts harshly on the different receptors of the brain and body.

However, CBD does not have any psychoactive reaction in comparison with THC. 

Why is CBD so reliable? 

Because it is more appealing and soft to our nervous system. It can help in neutralizing the negative impact of THC. As per the preliminary clinical research reports, CBD helps in reducing anxiety, anger, stress, and frustration.

It improves the quality of sleep and enhances cognition ability. It also fights anti-aging and acne to improve the skin. More importantly, it has anti-inflammatory properties that are more beneficial for human health.

The Emerging CBD Market

The CBD market has continuously been growing since the last decade. The United States has witnessed a sudden rise in this market.

The food and health industries were the first to realize the true value of CBD. A few years back, the beauty and beverage industries also got involved in the emerging CBD industry of the United States.

According to the prediction of Brightfold Group, the CDB industry might hit $22 Billion by 2022 in the US.

The US organic food market is estimated to cross $70.4 Billion by 2025. In addition to this, the US Food and Drug Administration is working on different guidelines to perfectly regulate the distribution of CBD products.

Many entrepreneurs have started to work in this industry to help out the US government.

What does a research say

Kannlife, Inc’s research has provided new pathways to the global community over the issue of cannabinoid.

The recent research from one of its journals, “The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience”, shows that KLS-13019, a CBD-like molecule, can provide 100 % protection for cancer patients who use a paclitaxel drug from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN).

According to the American Cancer Society, “The CIPN can cause severe pain and can affect your ability to do things like walk, write, button your shirt, or pick up coins. CIPN can last for weeks, months, or even years after treatment is done.” That’s how the health industry can be improved with the help of the CBD industry.

The chairman & CEO of Kannalife Company, Petkanas recently wrote an op-ed in the International Business Times, “A Call for Science in a Congested CBD World,” in which he argued, “Simply put, we need more solid science to back up anecdotal consumer claims that [CBD] works.”

Example of the emerging CBD firms

In the previous year, the Corona beer company invested about $4 billion into Canopy Growth Company.

It is a cannabis business firm that has been working for years to create healthy products.

Moreover, Coca-Cola has also announced to ally with the Canadian firm so as to create a CBD beverage.

Speculated benefits of the CBD Industry

There are different speculations over the growing industry of CBD.

It is claimed that CBD infusion with bath bombs can reduce muscular pain.

The beauty and skincare products can remove the scars from the face with the help of CBD infusion.

Likewise, the coffee infused with CBD can eliminate the negative effects of caffeine on the human body.

Challenges faced by the CBD Industry

CBD is a molecule, not a miracle

There is no denying the fact that CBD has the miracle to reduce the sufferings of humankind.

However, we have to do more research on it. It is obvious that CBD alone cannot heal the patients due to a lack of research.

The only idea which can work is to combine the properties of THC and CBD. 

Lack of experience

The health professionals lack in expertise to counsel their patients in terms of dosage.

They also don’t know how to use such drugs and what are the risk factors of the over-dosage.

“Cannabis can be medicine, but you’ve got to bring it there.” Says Dean Petkanas, chairman & CEO of Kannalife, Inc.

This statement represents the worrying attitude of business firms. Furthermore, scientists are not sure how they can find more cannabis.

FDA spokesman also quoted, “This deceptive marketing of unproven treatments raises significant public health concerns, as it may keep some patients from accessing appropriate, recognized therapies to treat serious and even fatal diseases.”

These words also reflect the reluctant behavior of the US authorities to innovate new drugs against old diseases.

How can these issues be resolved? 

The policy-makers should allow scientists and doctors to collaborate in order to learn more about the therapeutic use of cannabis.

Although states are gradually advancing in this field, yet they require collective action to get benefit from the emerging CBD industry.

What is the connection between the NBA and Marijuana?

Marijuana has become an addiction among the basketball players.

Most of the players can’t play a single round without smoking a pot. 

On replying a question of marijuana, NBA Commissioner Adam said, “One of the things I’ve been talking more about in the past several years is mental wellness of our players,” 

“Some guys are smoking pot in the same way some guys would take a drink…if they want to smoke pot, whatever, it’s legal in a lot of states. We have no issue with that.”

According to NBC Sports, there are some players who do not want to be identified, claimed that the average percentage of active players who are involved in marijuana drug addiction is about 85 percent.

The NBA star, Michael Jordan’s opinion on Marijuana and CBD overall

Michael Jordan and CBD
Michael Jordan and CBD

There is no denying the fact that the NBA was notorious for pot-smoking but Jordan didn’t involve in such activities throughout his career.

That’s the only reason behind his successful career. Jordan has described the event of pot smoking in his documentary, The last dance. We have gotten some glimpses of that event.

Let’s read.

“It’s in a hotel, so I’m trying to find my teammates “So I start knocking on doors and I get to this one door and…I could hear someone say, ‘Shh, shh, shh, someone’s outside.’

“And then you hear this deep voice say, ‘Who is it?’ I say, ‘MJ’, and then they all say, ‘Ah f*ck, he’s just a rookie, don’t worry about it’.

At that time, Jordan was a kid and probably was unaware of the drugs. What did he expect to see in the room? What actually happened when he got entered that door? Read it in his own words.

“I walk in and practically the whole team was in there. It was things I’d never seen in my life as a young kid.  “You got your lines over here, you got your weed smokers over here and you got your women over here.

He got shocked by this dramatic event. The basketball players were busy in pot smoking. He suddenly uttered from the mouth, ‘Look, man, I’m out’, because all I can think about is if they come and raid this place right about now, I am just as guilty as everybody else in this room. And from that point on, I was more or less on my own.”

This whole tragedy explains the hatred of Jordan against marijuana. After retirement, he raised his voice against the marijuana culture of the NBA.

He asked the authorities to take serious action in order to end this nuisance. Recently, Michael Jordan has put concerns about racial discrimination and inequality in society. He has emphasized the need for education so as to curb drug addiction.

Here is a statement, the Jordan Brand made, “Today, we are announcing that Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand will be donating $100 million over the next 10 years to organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice, and greater access to education.”

Scottie Pippen’s revival

Scottie Pippen and CBD
Scottie Pippen and CBD

In 2007, a police officer caught Scottie Pippen due to high-speed. When he was asked for the search of his car, he immediately denied the police officer.

What could be the reason for this denial? T

he police officer claimed that he smelled marijuana smoke from Scottie’s mouth. While having a search of his car, finally the police officer found marijuana drugs.

This whole incident had a bad impact on his life.

Michael Jordan is one of the great friends of Scottie. He used to explain to him about the negative impact of drug addiction throughout his basketball career.

However, Scottie took a lot of time to understand his point.

In the recent interview, Scottie has confessed that he was once addicted to marijuana.

However, he left all those drugs as soon as he realized its worst impact on his health. He then started a proper diet to regain strength. 

Now, his opinion on Marijuana has completely changed. He has further asked the NBA players to leave the nuisance of drug addiction and live a happy life with family members.

Dennis Rodman’s campaign to promote Cannabis-focused cryptocurrency

Dennis Rodman and CBD
Dennis Rodman and CBD

Former NBA star, Dennis Rodman has always supported anti-marijuana campaigns.

Recently, in the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, he was sponsored by the Cannabis-focused cryptocurrency, PotCoin.

He was wearing a black shirt and the word “PotCoin” was written on its front. Everything happened as it was planned.

He got limelight in the international media and thereby,  PotCoin’s price shot up to 10 cents per coin in the global market.

“All eyes have been on PotCoin,” and “Rodman has hit the nail on the head”, said John Ramsay, the CEO of Denver-based Center Mass Media, a cannabis-focused marketing firm. “

They are now a global name. I mean, global,” Ramsay said.

“Everybody heard that PotCoin sponsored (Rodman’s trip). They (Rodman’s entourage) were wearing PotCoin shirts, and the visibility for a brand-new currency to hit the market, they definitely got major visibility.”

This gesture gave a boost to legally transfer the money for the CBD industry through PotCoin cryptocurrency. It was not the first time, Rodman promoted the CBD industry.

He has always been involved in such campaigns with other celebrities to encourage the positive use of Cannabis. 

Charles Barkley’s opinion on the drug addiction and NBA

Charles Barkley and CBD
Charles Barkley and CBD

“I don’t understand the fascination with pot,” Charles Barkley told Jimmy Kimmel during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When he was asked about marijuana addiction, he accepted his mistake and replied affirmatively,

“I’ve smoked five times in my life at the most and all it made me want to do is eat potato chips.”

The NBA star affirmed that cannabis is helpful if someone wants to recover from his physical regimens.

These drugs should be used for the improvement of health. Otherwise, they can have a bad impact on one’s body and the brain.

He advised the young basketball players, “You people can lose your entire stamina and will be banned from playing basketball if once get caught.”

He further added, “I’m using cannabis — if you’re going to smoke weed or pot, I hope you’re doing it for the right reason, not doing it just because you’re a druggy.”

On asking a question to permit players for smoking marijuana, he replied in negative and said, “I’m very sensitive to the subject. I had a brother who died young who was a junkie. Drugs are a real serious issue for me. But I have to be open-minded. If you’re going to use drugs for the right reasons, fine. But I don’t want to give people carte blanche to use.”

Barkley also showed his dissatisfaction with the Chicago Bulls because of the prevalence of drug addiction among them.

In the opinion of Charles Barkley, the NBA players should not get involved in marijuana addiction.

There is no doubt, it gives a little joy at the beginning but eventually, it leads to suffering and pain.

Conclusion about NBA Stars and CBD

CBD industry is still advancing in the developed and developing world. The scientists need to learn more and more about this flourishing industry in order to help the common man.

Cannabis can be used in medicine to prevent the negative impact of THC on the body. It can further improve our health if it gets infused with our food items.

But, it requires massive research and collaboration at the international level.

The NBA stars have also supported this emerging industry.

Why are they endorsing this campaign?

Because they were once addicted to marijuana and they can understand the whole phenomenon from drug addiction to drug prevention.

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