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Gordon Ryan and his CBD Sponsorship Life in 2020

Gordon Ryan and CBD

Who is Gordon Ryan?

Gordon Ryan is an American grappler that was born on 8 July 1995.

He is known for his participation in no-gi submission wrestling matches. He has been very successful with no less than 3 ADCC world championships under his belt.

He is also an IBJJF No-gi world champion as well as a four-time Eddie bravo international champion.

Gordon Ryan Fight Higlights

From the age of 15, Gordon Ryan has been actively involved in Brazilian jujitsu.

Initially, he trained under Miguel Benitez before changing trainers.

Now he works with Garry Tonon, John Danaher and Tom DeBlass which is work to mention.

With only a brown belt in jujitsu, he began competing and successfully won the IBJJF No-gi world champion Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu championship.

Ryan managed to win the Eddie Bravo Invitational Championship in April 2016 by successfully defeating world champion Yuri Simoes.

You can take a look the fight bellow

Gordon Ryan vs Yuri Simoes

During the progressive rounds, he also competed against noted grappler Rustam Chsiev whom he also defeated.

This led to another competition against well-known USA grappler Keenan Cornelius in a submission only, no time limit match.

Once again Ryan was able to clinch the match in his favor.

Gordon Ryan’s CBDistillery sponsorship

CBDistillery became a sponsor for Gordon Ryan in January 2019.

CBDistillery is already a big name in the hemp industry and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing retailers of CBD products which have been produced from the hemp plant.

As a result, Gordon Ryan is now a CBDistillery brand ambassador.

However, Gordon Ryan is not the first athlete to join the CBDistillery ranks since they have also signed contracts with other well-known athletes.

According to Gordon Ryan rapid recovery is essential when following an intensive training program involving as much as four training sessions per day.

After all of that exertion, it is important to regularly get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

This is exactly why Ryan will always take CBD before going to bed. Apparently the results are quite amazing.

Gordon Ryan has started out as a Brazilian jujitsu champion but he is now specializing in submission-only grappling and he has emerged as one of the most successful competitors of the decade.

CBD oil products have really helped Gordon Ryan to improve his own natural recovery in particular between competitions and between training sessions.

When the body is struggling to keep up the pace it can become a nightmare which is one of the reasons why so many athletes burn out and some never even get started.

CBD oil facts according to Gordon Ryan

“CBD is by all standards a remarkable product”. Many people have doubts regarding the purity of cannabis-related products but in reality, CBD has very little or no THC, and therefore there is no psychoactive reaction”.

Gordon Ryan MusclePharm Post ADCC 2019 Interview.

You can take a look on his interview bellow.

Gordon Ryan MusclePharm Post ADCC 2019 Interview

All you get with CBD is the full medicinal potential of the hemp plant.

There is no reason to endanger your health by using impure CBD products because fortunately there are many highly reputable producers who will do everything possible to ensure a product of the highest possible quality.

Especially for spokespeople, the possibilities are truly remarkable.

With the availability of CBD oil, the entire training process becomes simpler, and progress especially when measured against people not using CBD is absolutely remarkable.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is a product that is derived from the hemp plant.

You see there is a difference between the regular varieties of cannabis and CBD.

Ordinary cannabis has a very high THC content and that is what is causing people to get high. It is also important to know that different strains of cannabis also contain different levels of THC.

This is why there are CBD oils which comes from the hemp plant contains only 3% THC or less depending on the extraction process.

Remarkable pharmaceutical discoveries

Over the last century, several amazing pharmaceutical products have been developed such as aspirin.

Aspirin was discovered in 1897 and distribution started only 2 years later. Drug testing can take significantly longer today because no one wants to have a repeat of the catastrophe which was caused by thalidomide.

However, no mistakes have been made with aspirin because this product has been providing headache and pain relief for more than 100 years. Aspirin also treats inflammation, pain, fever and it can also prevent heart attacks.

There was also the smallpox vaccine discovered in 1796 and this has led to the eradication of smallpox.

The last known case of this disease was seen in Somalia in 1977.

It is estimated that 500 million people died because of smallpox. The polio vaccine was discovered in 1953.

Statistics show that there were 350,000 cases of polio in 1988 but this was reduced to only 37 in 2016.

Extensive research projects strongly indicate that CBD might be the next big pharmaceutical product.

In many cases, it seems to be an all in one cure because it can successfully address a wide range of human ailments and it does so more effectively than currently known pharmaceutical products.

Hopefully, everything possible will be done to speed up research so that we can discover exactly how far-reaching the impact of CBD will be.

CBD and schizophrenia

Anyone who has loved ones or friends who are suffering from schizophrenia will understand how complicated and serious this mental illness can be.

Mostly it is managed through therapy which also involves certain pharmaceutical drugs that have quite severe side effects.

This is why it is so good to hear that there are known cases where people have made use of CBD oil in order to substantially reduce the appearance of hallucinations and even more importantly immediate relief was possible without those side effects.

Schizophrenia: CBD can help, THC can make it worse

A study that was done in 2015 found CBD to be an effective, safe, and well-tolerated treatment for psychosis.

We mentioning this because the involvement of Gordon Ryan with CBD is not a coincidence and just for the money. Gordon Ryan does it because he has an ill cousin with schizophrenia. Gordon Ryan held many fights and dedicate those fights as a charity and support for people who are ill from schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, a lot more research is urgently required before CBD will enter the domain of clinical practice.

Contrary to CBD, THC which is a psychoactive compound which is found in marijuana can substantially increase psychosis among suffering individuals.

On the other hand, CBD will help to reduce psychosis and according to studies, it can also counteract psychosis even those which have been caused by marijuana abuse.

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