elixinol ultimate cbd review

Battling Insomnia with CBD – Ultimate Elixinol Review

CBD Elixinol Review

Did you know that one of CBD’s main benefits is regulating sleeping cycles?

CBD is helping thousands, if not millions, of people around the world to fall asleep and fix their sleeping cycle.

But why and how does it actually work? In today’s article you will learn all about sleep and how can CBD helps you effortlessly become the early bird you’ve always wanted to be (or that your boss needs you to be).

Ultimate Elixinol Review

Ok, so it’s Sunday and you’ve decided that this time you WILL start waking up at 6 a.m.

But wait!

Don’t you think you are taking it too hard on yourself?

Chances are your sleeping schedule has been all over the place, especially after quarantine!

So, you go relatively early to bed and set your alarm clock at 6 am.

Yet, there you are, looking at the darkness, lying in bed, restless, sleepless… You stand there for a few minutes, trying not to move, trying not to think, but nothing seems to you, you are just not sleepy, yet you are terribly tired!

You put on a guided meditation, relax your body, and even count sheep, to only end up scrolling on Tiktok up until 4 a.m… 

Sounds familiar?

But worry not!

CBD is here to help and it has definitely come to stay as well!

Countless studies and, even more, positive experiences have been shared about its unique potential to help you both fall asleep at night and keep you alert during the day.

However, before we continue diving further with the reasons why CBD just works…

Let’s take a look at why you cannot simply adjust your sleeping schedule as easily.

Why can’t you Fall Asleep?

To understand this, we need to address a few things first.

We have some sort of biological clock called “circadian rhythm” (from Latin, “circa” (around), and “Diem” (day).

It regulates the physical and mental changes over the course of the day.

Your biological clock, located in the hypothalamus, controls most circadian rhythms. Signals from the hypothalamus travel to different regions of the brain that respond to light.

In response to light, the pineal gland stops the production of melatonin, a hormone that causes drowsiness.

Melatonin levels in the body usually rise after it gets dark, which makes you feel sleepy.

The change in melatonin during the sleep/wake cycle interacts with your circadian rhythms.

And though there are many things we can do to help change that and “fix” or circadian rhythm, such as light therapy, morning and nighttime routines, meditating, etc.

We also use CBD. CBD positively influences sleep, thus allowing better rest at night and more energy throughout the day.  

How can CBD help you sleep?

The first reason why people with sleep disorders take CBD is simply to fall asleep.

In fact, it is mainly administered for its calming properties.

Thus, you can expect to fall asleep faster. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which leads to a reduction in physical stress.

Therefore, less stress in the body, the better chances you have to fall asleep quickly. 

What’s more, CBD can also help you stay asleep the whole night.

The two effects combined allow you to both sleep better and rest better, increasing your chances to reach deep sleep, which promotes better rest and recovery.

Studies show that taking CBD before bed helps regulate REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phases. This phase provides restful and deeper sleep and it is also linked with sleep apnea reduction.

Today we are going to review a few CBD products that could help you in your quest to fix your sleep. Here are a few of Elixinol’s Ultimate products, specifically, The Elixinol Daily Balance Tincture 300 mg and The Stress Less Capsules.

Ultimate Elixinol Unbiased Review

This is a Colorado company and seed to store product manufacturer, which means that they control the product from start to end. Elixinol uses both co2 extraction, as well as organic cane ethanol distillation.

About The Elixinol Daily Balance Tincture

The color is super dark on Elixinol tincture, which is pretty typical of a full spectrum oil and it is a great method to check how pure the oil is.

The other really great thing about this product is that the dropper is measured, so you can take fractions or multiples of the doses.

You can get two flavors: All-natural flavored and cinnamon.

Coconut oil has been designated as the carrier base. 

Ingredients: Full-Spectrum CBD (From Hemp Plant), MCT Coconut Oil, BCP.

Pros and Cons of Elixinol CBD Oil

– Cruelty-free & Vegan Friendly. 
– Third-party testing, non-GMO.

– No additives, colors or fragrances added.  

– Some people have reported shipping problems.

– You can definitely taste the alcohol in this product.

– It is quite pricey.

The Stress Less Capsules Review

The Stress Less Capsules are designed to help your mind and body cope with occasional stress and promotes vitality and a balanced mood.

Ingredients: Full-Spectrum CBD (From Hemp Plant), MCT Coconut Oil, Ashwagandha.

Pros and Cons of Stress Less Capsules

– Cruelty-free & Vegan Friendly. 
-It contains Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that helps cope with stress and promotes calmness

– No additives, colors or fragrances added.  

– Some people have reported shipping problems.

– Some people have reported that the pills made them feel weird.

– It is quite pricey.

Conclusion about Elixinol CBD products

Elixinol’s Ultimate CBD supplements are really top quality and most of their clients seem very happy with the results.

For people who are looking to fix their sleep, you should try these products! On the other hand, there are other brands that offer even better blends to fall asleep and regulate your sleeping cycle. 

So, all in all, it depends on what you are looking for, whether you can’t sleep because of stress or because of other health-related conditions.

This brand is truly good for those who have already tried CBD and have a hard time falling asleep at night.

So if you are part of the team, give it a go from my review!

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