Is CBD in the USA Legal?

The 2018 year cause a lot of changes for the cannabis industry in general not only in the USA but also in Canada.

It seems that Canada made the first step to make legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes despite the fact that medical cannabis especially CBD was allowed in the 2001 year for medical purposes.

With the Cannabis Act from October 2018, the charges started for better for the cannabis industry but still, there are some obstacles which the experts must talk about and solve. One thing remains constant and that is the fact that the demand for cannabis products and CBD Oils or CBD tinctures is increasing day by day.

But still one question is bothering all.

Is CBD Safe for Human Health?

The whole industry is on rising overnight and no one can give an adequate answer is CBD safe for humans to consume and enjoy health benefits from it.

The situation in the USA was worst from 2000 years and on despite the boom of the black market and actions taken from the FDA against the illegal sales of cannabis-infused products and use CBD oil wide.

FDA is the only government body that will give an answer is using CBD safe or not.

When Canada first in 2018 and then the USA a few months later realize that we are talking about the multi-billion dollar industry they go in action.

The USA bring the Farm Bill in December 2018 and this is no coincidence and despite the fact that Full spectrum CBD Oil was allowed with Epidiolex in 2018 also in June 2020 they put away Epidiolex from schedule drug list of FDA and anyone can order free with prescription in any pharmacy.

CBD oils and similar products were put in the USA similar to supplements and dietary products but again with mark “use them on own risk”.

These are basically first steps toward legalization of cannabis in general.

Although there are differences in major points between Cannabis Act and Farm Bill, Canadians are still held on their freedom of having and keeping cannabis at home, which is not the case in the USA which still is considered a federal crime.

But the use of CBD oil is treated quite freely. You can buy in retail stores or online and there are many CBD brands out there who are offering CBD Products, not just CBD oils but also CBD Creams, Topicals, and so on.

With Farm bill, the only limitation on the Federal level was that you can produce CBD Oil and CBD Products which don’t overpass 0.3% THC.

Taking for granted that CBD oil is safe for use is something that could destroy the whole of humanity. Still, many buyers must have a careful approach to treat their illnesses like arthritis, insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress, and much more.

There are a lot of spokesmen about how CBD can bring benefit to your health, but we all must have in mind also the action taken from FDA to take down many false statements of CBD oil regardless is for purity, more THC level even fake CBD Oils which is dangerous for your health.

All must have in mind also last warning from FDA that using CBD can cause kidney failure.

CBD in the USA and term CBD USA

CBD USA is a new term in terminology on the cannabis market which started to be used at the end of the 2018 year and now more often in 2020 due to the pandemic with COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Mentioning COVID-19 Coronavirus we talk about the fact that CBD can make the act of better immune response to any viruses not only this one which made the pandemic.

Cannabidiol in the USA

The word CBD USA means a list of the best quality CBD products which are brew, grow and made in the USA by the Top USA CBD Companies.

The intent of CBD USA is to pull out the best of the best CBD products and which are widely accepted by many people in the USA.

There are many companies that are dealing with the matter of financial aspects of the cannabis industry overall but there is too little information about the fact what are the best CBD final products that can be offered all around the world.

Cannabis-infused products are highly demanded today not only in the USA but all over the world because masses that are using this kind of product every day confirm the beneficial effect of CBD products.

Now to start building this list which is changeable every day is a very hard task.

To make this list must have into consideration two things.

  • Where is legally allowed the use of hemp?
  • Where is decriminalization in place in the USA and most clients?

These two answers will give you a better overview of the CBD industry by states because doing CBD whatever in medical or recreational purposes is determined by local laws.

Here a map of the USA by countries to get an idea of what is the current state.

CBD USA Growt Industry
CBD USA Growt Industry

To get more updated info about maps and local laws you can use this link for more updated information.

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