What is CBD?

CBD or in short cannabidiol is a natural compound which is an extract of various processes from cannabis or more precise from industrial marijuana called Hemp.

The product that we get from the process of extraction from cannabis plant people knows as CBD extract or CBD Oil.

CBD oil is not psychoactive because don’t have any percentage of THC. This is the main reason what is causing the “high” effect at people and why is forbidden for regular use.

CBD oil is treated as a dietary supplement and therefore is available for wide distribution for sale. But all must be aware that despite fact that there a lot of testimonials for benefits of the CBD Oil on human health there is still a lack of medical researches which will prove the true concept that CBD and its consumption is safe for people.

Is CBD in Canada Legal?

Canada legislative is even more open-eye when we talk about the legalization of marijuana than the USA legislative.

But all is put to conscience and decision of the individuals if they will use CBD products or not. Because the final results are Is CBD safe or not are none.

We can conclude that CBD is legal in Canada and is used for the treatment of many medical conditions.

History overview of the CBD in Canada

As we mention earlier CBD is legal in Canada, and we meant for recreational purposes. This historic moment happens when get in force Cannabis Act on 17 October 2018.

What means for Canadian CBD perspective?

With Cannabis act, in general, was allowed to Canadians who are 18 years old and older to have in possession:

  • 30 grams of the dried or undried flower of cannabis or
  • Grow up to 4 plans of marijuana per household.

It’s worth mentioning that CBD for medical purposes was allowed to be used in Canada in the 2001 year but the main marijuana reforms started in 2015 when the whole canna process get in speed because Canadian authorities saw great potential in this industry.

Medical CBD was allowed only on prescription and only with the previous approval of Health Canada.

But although we talk about full freedom of the use of cannabis and CBD still Cannabis Act is very strict for the manufacturers and sellers.

Many licenses and permits are required from the process of production until the end of the process of marketing.

Canadian law is very strict about the promotion of cannabis products to the younger population.

Today demand is very high in Canada and especially locations in Ontario and Quebec where there is a shortage of retail stores. The largest Cannabis companies in Canada Canopy Growth and Aurora declare huge loss of profit because of that reason.

Comparison between Legal and Black Market for Cannabis products is Canada?

Many cannabis experts are pointing that the cannabis industry on the black market is maybe 5 times more than the legal market which in numbers is about $5 to $8 billion. This is because high taxes which must be paid if you are buying cannabis products legally. So the cannabis black market and online sales are booming right now in Canada.

What legalization on the Federal level of CBD in Canada means to the rest of the World?

The legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in 2018 is a turning point for the opening doors for legalization in the USA, Mexico, and the rest of the world which will follow.

However, demand especially for CBD products as Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD capsules is in high demand and surprised even the most optimistic experts.

What Is CBD Canada?

CBD Canada is a term that is used to define a list of the best Canadian CBD companies and CBD Oil products which come from Canadian manufacturers.

Well, establish CBD brands that sell CBD products among them CBD Oil.

For more info about the explanation, you can read to the neighbor country the CBD in the USA.

According to the last reports from Statista from the latest case study, it seems Canada has not left behind the rest.

CBD Gummies as CBD product market share of Canada from the 2019 year will raise nearly $400 million in 2021 to $3 billion.

We are talking about CBD gummies only. Where are other forms of CBD which are in the sale?

It is estimated that the new trends of use infused-food and infused-drink with CBD oils will reach in 2022 about $1 billion.

For example, is the case where even Coca Cola as a company is thinking to launch similar CBD product on the market.

You can see stats here.

Canada started to issue many Cannabis store licenses to increase its production and placement of the CBD products in the world market.

Here is the CBD and cannabis operation map of Canada.

CBD Canada Map where you can se CBD business Map in Canada.

CBD Canada Map

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