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CBD and Stress: Does it help in 2020?

CBD and Stress

Nearly 79% of Americans are battling stress yearly. Chances are, you’re among the affected persons.

Today, people are continually stressing with day-to-day hectic busy schedules, finances, health, relationships, and everything else imaginable. Stress can take a toll on our health if we let it control our lives.

If the condition is not treated in its early stages, it may affect our mental health.

Today, stress is the leading cause of severe health conditions such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, heart attacks, sexual dysfunction, and may lead to chronic stress.

While there are pharmaceutical drugs to reduce stress levels, they have proven ineffective with extreme side effects.

In fact, they can leave you feeling worse than you began using them.

That’s why people are looking for alternatives to mitigate stress naturally. And the solution could be CBD.

CBD and stress is not very common combination in health world.

But first, what is stress?

Stress is a mental condition caused by a biological reaction in the body. Hormones are triggered when you sense a problem or threat.

More simply, it is the state of being unhappy. So, when you’re stressed, the hypothalamus reacts when you sense danger. For instance, public speaking could bring stress to a lot of people.

It, therefore, sends signals to the adrenal glands releasing a massive number of hormones (adrenaline or Epinephrine).

The hormones spark the following feelings:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Lowers insulin production
  • Raise sweat rate
  • Allow muscles to use more glucose efficiently

Stress can lead to several side effects, including obesity, insomnia, memory lapse, type 2 diabetes, a weak immune system, and many more.

CBD from other side have positive effects as cure of the symptoms of these illnesses of 22th century.

Types of stresses

Types of stress can harm human body
Type of stresses

Here are the most common types of stress among people:

  • Acute stress is an immediate reaction when you encounter a difficult situation. Let’s say you’re riding on a roller coaster for the first time, and you may feel acute stress.
  • Severe acute stress/acute stress disorder occurs after months of upsetting occurrences. It is relatively dangerous, and the symptoms are nearly the same as those of a person with PTSD.
  • Episodic acute stress. It occurs when you have several occurrences of acute stress.
  • Chronic stress. Happens when a person has encountered high levels of stress for an extended period, and it may lead to anxiety, depression, and hypertension.

Although stress has taken a toll on many lives, there’s a renewed hope with CBD; a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant.

What is CBD?

CBD, an acronym of cannabidiol, is one of a hundred identified cannabinoids occurring naturally in the cannabis plant (hemp and marijuana).

Many people dread when they hear the word marijuana, simply because they associate it with the high feeling.

But CBD is different; it doesn’t have delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound that causes mind-altering effects. During the extraction process, THC is removed entirely.

But again, not more than 0.3% of THC is federally legal, and the amount is too low to cause euphoria.

CBD and stress: what studies say?

Dealing with stress on a daily basis can relatively lower the quality of your life to the extent that it can jeopardize your social life, mental, and physical health.

However, CBD has come to the rescue for many, as it is known to reduce stress levels. This is the connection between CBD and stress, a powerful one.

In a 2010 study, it was found that CBD lowered anxiety levels and altered the brain reaction to SAD for people with a social anxiety disorder (SAD). Scans done on the brain showed changes in blood flow in areas of the brain linked to feelings of stress and anxiety.

In another study analysis done in 2015, concluded that CBD looks promising in alleviating different forms of anxiety, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Finally, a 2016 case study investigated whether CBD could reduce PTSD symptoms and sleep disorders. It was concluded that cannabidiol significantly reduced post-traumatic stress and promoted a better healthy sleep.

How could CBD help with stress?

how cbd oil can help with stress
Help with Stress

CBD and stress,now what?

The human body has the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates the body’s operational functions such as response to pain, mood, sleep, anxiety, and even stress.

It helps by ensuring the body is at balance at all times – a state called homeostasis.

There are two receptors in the ECS: CB1 and CB2 receptors, which respond to CBD when consumed.

These receptors are available in abundance in the brain and the immune system, respectively. 

The receptors indirectly modulate hormone secretion, such as serotonin, which influences mood, memory, sleep, and appetite.

Lack or low level of serotonin in the body is linked to feelings of stress and negative thoughts.

While prescription drugs like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are the usual course of medication, they pose extreme risk.

When we’re stressed, our bodies are not in balance.

That’s why with the help of CBD, everything can go back to normal.

With CBD oil, the function of the hypothalamus is boosted significantly, keeping the body from oxidative damage, and helps us to calm down and relax.

Now when we explain hopefully good, if you are interested you can read our article about Top 10 Best CBD Oil Products for 2020: Ultimate Guide.

The bottom line

If you’re considering incorporating CBD to your daily routine to mitigate stress, make sure you consult your healthcare provider.

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