Can CBD Do it?

Can’t Sleep At Night? Try CBD – Plant People’s Review

I tried the Drops+ Sleep Fast-acting, full-spectrum hemp extract formulated with CBD. I have had insomnia for over 2 years, I would experience difficulty dozing practically each and every night, for quite a long time. This implied I was constantly depleted of energy during the day and never felt very much refreshed, which negatively affected each part of my life, from work to university. I am a very busy woman and I simply couldn’t continue like that, so my doctor advised me to start taking CBD.

A friend had tried the Sleep Fast drops and she told me they have worked for her really well, so I decided to give it a go! At first, it really helped me, because the drops contain other ingredients, other than just CBD, that help you induce sleep.

First, the feeling of the drops is very relaxing. When you take them, it takes a few minutes to an hour to kick in, and you do feel more relaxed and it also helps to clear your mind and “shut off” for a while…

Sleep Cycles

During the first week after taking the drops, I didn’t notice any changes. My sleep cycle was the same. I would go to bed by 23 and stay awake doing nothing and just trying to relax and fall asleep for over 3 hours, sometimes even 5! But, then by the middle of the second week taking the drops (plus, also following a very strict sleeping schedule and avoiding caffeine), I started to fall asleep faster than before.

It was not miraculous, I mean, not that I would fall asleep within minutes! But I sure wouldn’t stay over an hour trying to fall asleep. However, I would still wake up easily to any noises during the night… The effect lasted for a good 3-4 weeks, but then, the effect started to wear off and I would start having problems falling asleep again!

Increased Productivity

I really don’t understand why, as nothing in my routine had changed. Except for maybe quarantine, but even though I was on lockdown, I was working and attending classes from home, with the very same schedule! So nothing really did change. I kept avoiding caffeine and working out at home. However, I persisted with both my routine and the drops for almost a whole month, yet nothing changed.

On a more positive note, however, I did change my sleeping cycle for the better. Even though the effects (I don’t know if the CBD effect or the additional ingredient’s effects) started to wear off, it wouldn’t take me up to 5 hours to fall asleep as I did before having the drops. Nonetheless, I could stay awake for up to 2 hours.

I usually don’t write reviews, but I am sure that my experience with the drops could really help someone else who is suffering from insomnia just like me. I believe that virtually everyone is having issues with their sleeping after the quarantine started…

Regarding the rest, the shipping was super fast and I received the drops two days after purchasing it, which was so much needed and expected. 

The Taste?

The taste was not very pleasant though… Even though I did not try many other brands, I did try a few that had a better taste, that could be improved! Especially because I take them before bed, it’s not a nice taste to have in your mouth when trying to fall asleep.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

All in all, the product is good. I mean, my sleep did get much better than it used to. But it is still not enough for me. I don’t know if the effects wear off after taking it for a while, or if I should increase the dosage or because of the quarantine effect. However, I personally believe it is too expensive for the end results and there might be better options for less money. If they did work as well as they could then by no means would I even have second thoughts regarding the price?

I would like a stronger dosage. I suffer from terrible sleep disorder and insomnia. Although the drops were not as effective as they were for my friend, they were still ok. Not that they did not work on me, but I was expecting more. 

I will keep taking the drops until I finish them and play around with the dosage to see if it does any better, I hope it does! 

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