alcohol and CBD Oils

Can you really drink alcohol with CBD oil?

alcohol and CBD Oils
Can you really drink alcohol with CBD oil?

Can you really drink alcohol with CBD oil?

Most of society who are not too aware or savvy about the CBD business and all of the complexities behind it.

So, when it comes to questions such as mixing alcohol with CBD oil there are different opinions and answers available, some of them being myths.

IS CBD illegal?

While CBD is not 100% illegal as a food supplements it is still looked upon in certain areas of society as a taboo substance.

Throughout recent years CBD has gained popularity in all kinds of industry especially the health and wellness industry to help with fitness, recovery, anxiety, and even depression.

There is a big demand now for CBD infused cocktails and alcoholic beverages sprouting up across the United States and in Europe. Mixers and professional barman have been finding new and rather creative ways to blend these two substances together that have become extremely popular for nightlife attenders.

CBD Flavoured Drinks

CBD hemp oil can be non-flavored and have a very rustic and earthy take to it, this makes it ideal to mix with stronger drinks so it is not overpowering.

Also, popular mixes are when using the flavored hemp oil creating all kinds of exotic and wonderful tastes in the mouth when drinking when of these concoctions.  But it is not all about earthy tastes and new flavored, CBD oil with drinks is becoming more and more popular for other reasons too. Health.

CBD is a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant and also the main component behind THC.

CBD shows numerous positive effects against inflictions such as epilepsy, inflammation, and even schizophrenia.

Researches are finding more about CBD and as the demand becomes higher for CBD in a variety of industries we will see new ways CBD will be utilized.

Tandem Affect?

CBD and alcohol are both known to induce anxiety and relaxation after consumption, it would be plausible to assume that when used together these effects would be increased rather dramatically.

Some surveys have shown consumers feel an extra effect or even ‘buzz’ when drinking alcohol with CBD quite different from the stand-alone drink.

Some people are worried that CBD oil mixed with alcohol will cause problems and add mental impairment.

More research needs to be done to understand the collective effects and monitor them over time. At the moment no negative problems are showing conclusive results when the two substances are in tandem.

You cannot overdose by taking too much CBD oil, so as long as you keep drinking moderately you should be able to enjoy.

Always make sure you drink responsibly whenever consumer alcohol.

New studies have shown that CBD may also drastically help and even treat people with liver disease.

Scientists are pushing for human trial studies to look deeper into this as it seems like CBD reduces the fat accumulation and oxidative stress found within the liver.

If new studies and trials prove to show this is the case then CBD could be a game-changer when treating those with serious liver disease.

The CBD Interaction with Alcohol?

Alcohol and CBD will increase your relaxation state as we spoke about earlier and when consuming together it will multiply the effect. 

This can be great for stress and relief purposes; however, it could easily make you feel too sedated. It’s imperative to be safe when mixing the two substances and never drive after drink.

Even though CBD has found to improve your concentration and energy levels this should never be used to improve your reactions of functionality when intoxicated.

Studies have shown that those who consumed CBD and alcohol had the same reaction times to those who just consumed alcohol and not CBD as well.

What are the Benefits of Taking CBD with Alcohol?

Psychopharmacology found that participants who took a CBD capsule with their alcohol had lower blood alcohol levels than those who drank alcohol without a CBD capsule.

The same impairments arrived in both case studies, however.

The saving grace about CBD and alcohol is how CBD can help you from having horrible hangovers the next day.

CBD has the potential to be a treatment for nausea and headaches.

Is this the end of the hangovers as we know it?

I hope so.

Everything is needed in moderation and the same applies when you are talking about taking CBD and alcohol.

You must anticipate potentially harmful problems when doing both in large quantities and frequently.

How much to mix CBD with Alcohol: Dosage?

We advise a small dose of CBD and drinking a normal amount of what your body and mental state can handle. Don’t overdo it and always be responsible when using these substances. 

Just like you need to do with food or anything else in life when it comes to balance and moderation.

The level of intoxication will be higher the more you take obviously and we need more research into these areas of CBD with alcohol.

Also, people react differently to drinking booze. So CBD could enhance your happiness but if you are an aggressive or problematic drunk than maybe the CBD could enhance that state too.

This again needs to be looked into in closed studies for the public’s health.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, there are still more studies to be done for us to understand all of the effects of CBD oil and alcohol.

Keep a low dose of CBD and please drink responsibly whenever you drink alcoholic beverages. 

The good news is the studies so far have shown positive aspects from the two in tandem and hopefully, we will be able to get more positive information and updated research conducted through 2020 and 2021. 

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