2 top CBD stock investments for 2020

2 Top CBD Stock investments for 2020/2021

What are the 2 top CBD stock investments for 2020 and beyond

The demand for CBD products and interest has skyrocketed in recent years in a variety of profitable industries.

Demand in CBD Industry

Everything from pet food, wellness, athletics, and of course the cannabis market itself.

People are using CBD oil to improve their concentration, reduce their anxiety, muscle recovery post-workout, and countless other ways to benefit from this magical substance.

The research and studies from scientific institutions have also shed light on some impressive benefits of CBD and if this trend keeps occurring then we will see CBD be a major player in the stocks for the future.

With more states (USA) and countries increasing the legal status of marijuana there will be a growing demand for high-quality CBD products as we have mentioned above.

Also, surveys have shown that one-third of Americans have tried some CBD oil product and even one in seven Americans’ stating that they personally use a CBD product on a daily basis.

With forty percent of people in their twenties admitting to using CBD and a surprisingly fifteen percent of individuals above the age of 60 saying they still use or have used CBD products recently.

With such a wide variety of age groups, demographics of consumers, this is an exciting time to get involved in CBD investments.

Search engines have reported a massive influx in demand and inquiries regarding CBD oil and CBD products, not just in the USA and UK but all around the world. This is a huge indicator that something big is going on in the CBD Industry.

As more people become aware of this substance and the products that come with it, we will see CBD reach into markets we never thought imaginable and what was once a niche market is becoming a mass-market industry in its own right.

The CBD market has been bet on big time with the likes of Brightfield believing that CBD (hemp-derived) has the potential to grow to at least $22 billion by the year 2022.

Before diving into the list of 2 Top CBD Stock investments for 2020 we created, I want to say word or two about the way how this topic was compiled and what data was used.

This is just our opinion according our experience where is best to invest your money. We as always start from factors is the company is established brand and stable company with years in the CBD Industry.

Additional factors is merging and plans of future. If some one made this kind of move they “know what are doing” so its strong signal that is bet you will win.

We have decided to put together 2 CBD best bets for 2020/2021 for your money where to invest. Here is our list of 2 Top CBD Stock investments for 2020/2021.

In future maybe we will take a look at not so big “giants” in the CBD Industry worth investing,but this is the first article in this area, and therefore here is the list now of Top 2 CBD Stock investments for 2020.

Charlotte’s Web

charlotte's web company investment overview in 2020
Charlotte’s Web Company Wiki Image

For those of you who have never heard of Charlotte’s Web, you may have been hiding in a cave in Somalia somewhere. They are without a doubt the number one leader in everything hemp and CBD.

They specialise in different categories such as;

  • CBD Oil Tinctures
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Pet Products
  • CBD Topicals

They sell directly to their customers using their e-commerce site and have an exceptionally large wholesale distribution grid and a loyal client consumer following.

Based in Colorado with hundreds of acres of farmland and incredibly impressive production facilities they have it the big time. Charlotte’s Web have also signed contract agreements with farms in both Kentucky and Oregon respectively.

The numbers at Charlotte’s web

  • Year after year revenue growth
  • 25.1 million net
  • 41.8 percent growth
  • 1,350 stores in the USA
  • Stores in 22 states

Charlotte’s Web made a wise move when buying 1.350 stores spread out between 22 states in the United States. They have adjusted to the market and acquired quality assets in both brick and mortar but increasing the online presence and store size with more products and services for their consumers.

Branching out into new submarkets and it does not look like this exponential growth will be slowing down any time soon.

Even though investors were not enthused by the Q3 results of 0.7 million, however Charlotte’s Web did acquire a new facility which could increase their capacity 10X and lower in production cost and higher efficiency saving more for the shareholders.

This is a no brainer when it comes to investments in the CBD market.

They have the brand, the quality in cultivation, and also the sales to back them up.

This is why Charlotte’s web is our number one pick for 2020/2021 CBD stock options in our list of 2 Top CBD Stock investments for 2020/2021.

Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON)

Altria invested 1.8 billion into Cronos which gave them 45% in Cronos.

This gave an incredible opportunity for Cronos to go global with their production and distribution and now makes Cronos the second biggest traded cannabis companies in the world.

There have been other recent positive developments as the company told the shareholders they would be purchasing wholesale to then give them the opportunity to concentrate on improving new creative brand design and new product development.

It is clear to see that Cronos stocks will continue to grow as they investment more into new products, branch out with new brands and distribution.

A very safe bet to keep your eyes on Cronos for the rest of 2020 and 2021.

Here is chart of predictions from Nasdaq.

Chronos Group Shareholder Price Chart


In conclusion even with the Canadian cannabis predictions with the market being a little disappointing for most of us watching the stocks and expecting a huge growth during 2020 it still offers investors an incredible opportunity for long term patient investing.

This will grow even more if there is an increase in federal bans in the USA which is stunting the growth and brand of the industry.

This industry will see yet the growth in the future and all predict the positive outcomes because with every day there are more and more customers who are buying CBD products.

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